Guinness Storehouse in Ireland

Pouring the Perfect Pint: Learn This and So Much More During a Guinness Tour in Ireland

The Guinness Storehouse can be found over at St. James Gate in the city of Dublin. The brewery offers seven floors full of fun and thrilling adventures that will have you learning more than you ever wanted to about this iconic Irish beer.

With over 20 million visitors, this is Ireland’s number one attraction. You will see for yourself that you can easily find plenty to see and do in the Storehouse. As you make your way through the 7 floors you will dive into the history of Guinness in Dublin and get to experience this Unique taste.

I would suggest you consider some of the unique experiences they offer, You can do so much more than touring the Storehouse. One that I recommend to all my clients and those visiting for the first time is the Guinness Academy. Here you will learn the 6 step ritual that is as legendary as the beer itself. You will be taught the process and what to watch for when out in a pub to make sure they poured your Guinness properly.

Upon completion of the academy you will be presented with a certification stating that you have learned the proper way to pour a pint of the black stuff. You can then take your perfect pint to the top floor and enjoy panoramic views of Dublin at the Gravity bar.

Other unique and fun experiences offered here as well are:
The Connoisseur experience– an intimate 90 minute tasting experience with a beer specialist in a secret bar
The Guinness Beer Club– a guided tour of the Guinness Storehouse followed by a tutored tasting session
Brewery Tour– Ultimate 3 hour experience that will take you “behind the gates” of the historic St. James Gate brewery.

Pouring the perfect pint at home

There are multiple steps to pouring the perfect pint of Guinness and if you do it right, it should only take two minutes from start to finish. Yes, that might seem like a long time to wait for the creamy brew, but it will be worth every second when you take your first sip.

You should always begin with a clean glass that is dry. When you begin to pour your Guinness, you will want to have the glass tilted at a forty-five-degree angle until the glass has been filled three-quarters of the way.

Once you have the glass filled three-quarters of the way, you will set it on the counter and let the surge settle before adding any more Guinness. As soon as the surge has settled, you can pour in the rest of the beer and enjoy the creamy white head at the top.

It is important to chill your can of Guinness for at least three hours before attempting to pour it into a glass. You should also make sure you are pouring the beer into your glass slowly and smoothly, so you do not interrupt the distribution of the contents in the can.

Now that you know how to pour the perfect pint at home, why not start planning your vacation to Ireland for one of their unique and fun experiences. Contact me today so we can start planning your personalized Ireland vacation.

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