Interested in Vacationing in Savannah? 12 fun Things to Do in This Walkable City!

Savannah is such an incredible city! It is full of history, charm, and an abundance of outdoor adventures. There are so many things to do during a vacation in Savannah. You could easily spend a week vacationing in this area. If you prefer a long weekend why not plan to come for several and experience all the different seasons in this beautiful city!

Check Out These Amazing Things to Do While Vacationing in Savannah

  1. Take a Hop On Trolley Tour

There are two different trolley tours offered in the city of Savannah. Each one has approximately fifteen stops, so you can get off the trolley and see the sights. You can easily hop on and off the trolley all day long, as you see all the important attractions in Savannah. This is one of the best ways to see this amazing city in the shortest amount of time.

2. Eat a Meal by the Water on River Street

The old warehouses on River Street have been turned into some incredible shops, restaurants, cafés, and pubs. There are at least two dozen places to eat along the water, so you can enjoy the views with your meal. The Warehouse Bar & Grille is perfect for burgers and snacks, while it is all about the seafood at Barracuda Bob’s Bar & Grill and Fiddlers’ Crab House. Cajun food can be found at the Bayou Café and you can grab a coffee over at Vic’s Coffee Bar.

3. Venture Over to Tybee Island for a Beach Day

Tybee Island might be one of the only places you can’t walk to from the downtown area of Savannah. This beach island is a half hour away, but it is worth the travel to spend some time in the sand. There are multiple beaches on Tybee Island. South Beach is the most popular, because of the parking area and restrooms.

I recommend North Beach if you want to see the dolphins out in the water. This is also an excellent beach for collecting seashells. Do not forget to take a little time to wander around the area near the lighthouse and maybe check out the forts.

4. Eat a Little Ice Cream at Leopold’s

You cannot vacation in Savannah and not take the time to eat a little ice cream at Leopold’s. This ice cream parlor has been serving the locals since 1919. While they offer basic chocolate and vanilla flavors, you may want to venture out of your ice cream comfort zone a little. The caramel swirl, Savannah socialite, rum bisque, and honey almond and cream all get rave reviews!

5. Wander Around City Market

Savannah’s City Market is sandwiched in between Ellis Square and Franklin Square. This is one of the best places to be if you want to do a little shopping in Savannah. After shopping at the stores, you can listen to local musicians and devour some of the best traditional cuisine. You may even want to stop by the City Market at night during your Savannah vacation. The atmosphere changes dramatically, as the music gets louder from concerts and the city’s popular to go cups are continuously filled.

6. Take a Pub Tour

There are quite a few pub tours down in Savannah. However, these pub tours take a different twist than the ones you are used to taking in other cities. All the pub tours in Savannah are haunted. Each one normally stops at four different pubs. Along the way, your guide will share the hauntings that area is known for.

Don’t worry… if haunted pub tours are not your thing, you can always tour one of the local breweries in Savannah. Moon River Brewing Company and Southbound Brewing Company are two that offer tours of their breweries.

7. Cruise Down the River on a Riverboat Cruise

One of the best ways to see Savannah from a different perspective is by taking a cruise along the river. The Savannah Riverboat offers so many different types of riverboat cruises. You can choose a sightseeing cruise, brunch cruise, lunch cruise, dinner cruise, and even a moonlight cruise.

It is best to book your river cruise in advance, because they fill up quickly. Plus, this way you know exactly when you will be taking it during your busy Savannah vacation days.

8. Visit the Sistine of the South

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is considered the Sistine of the South. This cathedral was constructed back in 1876. A fire destroyed the original building and a new one was built by 1900. While you will want to see every intricate detail inside this cathedral, you must at least pay close attention to the main altar and the murals. One of the best times to visit this cathedral is during Christmastime. While the inside is beautiful at any time of the year, it really shines with all the decorations.

9. Go on a Foodie Walking Tour

There are a couple different foodie walking tours available in the city of Savannah. While you may think you can choose just one, as a true foodie, this will be more difficult than you think! First time visitors may want to consider the First Squares food tours. On that tour, you will make six stops to try all types of local foods. Along the way, you will also learn about the cultures of this wonderful city.

If you are looking for an off the beaten path foodie tour, the Famous and Secret East Side food tour is an excellent option. The Southern Fried food tour is also amazing and perfect if you want the best southern food experience!

10. Explore the Numerous Museums

The history in Savannah has been preserved in the numerous museums throughout the city. Unless you plan on spending weeks vacationing in Savannah, there is no way you can explore every single museum. I do have a few recommendations of the ones you should see though, and they include:

  • American Prohibition Museum
  • Davenport House Museum
  • Georgia State Railroad Museum
  • Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace
  • Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum
  • Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum

11. Relax at Forsyth Park

The oldest park in the city of Savannah is Forsyth Park. This park was created during the 1840s. There are more than thirty acres for you to explore. However, you may want to relax by the iconic fountain instead. You may want to plan your visit for when a local festival or concert is being held. Or you can choose to explore when the Forsyth Park Farmers’ Market is in full swing. There really isn’t a bad time to visit Forsyth Park, so make sure you can squeeze it into your itinerary somewhere.

12. Attend One of the Many Festivals and Events Held Throughout the Year

No matter when you decide to vacation in Savannah, you will find a festival or event to attend! There is something planned for every single month of the year and you can plan your visit accordingly. A few of my favorites include the following:

  • Savannah Food and Wine Festival
  • SCAD Sidewalk Art Festival
  • Savannah Seafood Festival
  • Savannah Irish Festival
  • Savannah St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations
  • Tybee Island Pirate Festival
  • Christmas on the River

These are twelve of the amazing things you can do when vacationing in Savannah. Let me help you find other interesting and unique things for you to do during your vacation in Savannah. Book a call with me today!

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